Label Design
Role: Graphic Designer 
Here are a variety of labels that were created for Ayco produce. All labels had to match previously existing branding.
Trade Show Production
Roles: Event Coordinator, Project Manager, Graphic Designer
The PMA Fresh Summit is the largest agriculture trade show in the U.S. From ideation to production, I managed the entire project, and played multiple roles within the project manager role. 
Web Design & Developer
Roles: UX & UI Web Designer, Web Developer
Here are a collection of websites for the businesses under the Ayco corp holding company. All of the businesses compliment each other to create a true farm to fork experience for the consumer. The goal was to create unique looks for each website while keeping a consistent feeling, and look through them all.
Marketing Emails 
Role: Email Designer
Email design layouts, and contents were dictated by the purpose, target audience, and campaign. Below are few examples of different email designs for Ayco.
Print Ads
Role: Graphic Designer
In the agriculture industry believe it or not print is king, the examples below are actual print designs created for multiple campaigns with different print publications.
Ayco Holiday Video
Roles: Writer, Director, Videographer, Editor, Producer
The Ayco holiday video was a video created to promote Ayco as a brand during the PMA season, as well as a video promoting our main commodity MiniMe® Personal Watermelons. The idea behind the video was to tie in a traditional Christmas holiday character, The Nutcracker, into a humorous scene where he comes to life after laying eyes on a MiniMe® melon for the first time.
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