I am a design professional looking to join like-minded creatives in pursuit of creating powerful designs and experiences for end users and businesses alike.

God and my family come before everything. Aside from those two biggies, I love wearing many different hats, from designer, project manager, digital marketer, videographer, photographer, writer, to the many other I wear, and have yet to wear. It's cheesy but true, I believe honesty is the best policy. At the end of the day whether I am leading the team, or playing the smallest role, I always strive to go the extra mile in everything I do.


Design & Marketing Manager - Time Out Properties 
February 2018 - May 2019

• Successfully designed logos and style guides for multiple subsidiary companies that helped distinguish the brands in their industries.

• Designed and created multiple company presentations for banks and financial institutions which led to multimillion dollar funding for properties.

• Managed the direct mail program where I designed and built multiple campaigns to be mailed out on a bi-weekly basis to 10,000+ addresses in 5 different cities.

• Sustained healthy relationships between vendors and the company, and was able to reduce overall marketing costs by over 10% on all print jobs.

• Increased brand presence and sales by strategizing outdoor advertising avenues. Researched locations, vendors, prices, and mediums of advertising, and took campaigns from concept to production for each job. Was able to save on overall costs of leases, signage, and fuel by negotiating agreements, selecting the correct materials, and scheduling the optimal driving routes.

• Increased brand awareness city-wide by creating merchandise for events, promotions, giveaways, and community watch campaigns (t-shirts, tents, feather banners, community signs, coolers, etc.).

• Created and managed the content calendar for Facebook, paid ad campaigns, and business page. Created audience targeted content, refined creative and audiences to improve CTR by 100% and reduce CPC by 75%. Was able to negotiate a major purchase of the largest and most heavily trafficked Facebook Group page in the city for 87% less than the asking during a 6 month negotiation.

• Was able to save the company $1000s in storyboarding, video editing, videography, and photography outsourcing costs. I storyboarded radio ads and TV commercials, and produced and edited over 30 videos for social distribution.

• Managed and optimized the existing website for search by adding keywords, image optimization, and page descriptions. Created custom illustrations for interactive maps on the website to enhance overall user experience and increase CTR.

• Increased CTR of segmented email audiences by designing targeted email campaigns with tailored landing pages for events and promotions.

Senior Web Designer / Digital Marketing Specialist - Ayco 
April 2016 - February 2018
• Designed and developed company websites while maintaining a cohesive design between the the various brands. All websites were built on the Wordpress platform using a multi-site theme and customizing it via HTML5, CSS3 and minor Javascript.

• Single handedly created and managed all social media accounts and strategically planned campaigns that delivered engaging and relatable content in preparation to enter the B2C market. All efforts to build awareness and grow an audience was done organically, which grew followership by more than 400% in less than 12 months.

• Grew our subscriber list from 3,000 to 10,000 subscribers by taking advantage of resources that were not utilized by the company before joining the team.  Created B2B email campaigns for the various commodities offered, and sent out email blasts to segmented lists daily. Improved our open rate from 9% to 21% within the first 3 months.

• Created and maintained relationships with multiple print and packaging vendors, by doing so I was able negotiate prices and have vendors bid on jobs, which reduced overall marketing costs for print and packaging materials.

• Successfully created various print, digital, and multimedia marketing products including but not limited to: powerpoint presentations, business cards, brochures, print ads, one sheets, trade show booth elements, produce packaging, labels, videos, product photos, and more.

• Saved the company $20,000 during the PMA trade show by not hiring an outside agency and filling the necessary roles. The responsibilities to achieve this included but were not limited to: event planning, booking flights + hotel stays, negotiating proposals, designing booth layout and location, designing booth graphics, packing of materials and logistics, and managing booth construction and take down.

• Took initiative in between projects and wrote, directed, recorded, and produced a company holiday video to increase awareness of our MinieMe® Watermelon brand.

Senior Graphic Designer - IC Real Tech 
July 2015 to March 2016
• Successfully met stakeholder requests by creating an “Applesque”, simple, and bold yet elegant packaging for the Allie 360º camera –– featured in Best Buy and Brookstone. A major feat was being able to create and incorporate icons throughout the packaging that could easily be interpreted by the end user.

• Collaborated with remote development team, internal design team, and stakeholders to successfully test and create the Allie Camera app. I was tasked with creating the user flow for both the front and back end, creating custom icons, and designing the UI for the app.

• Designed and built landing pages for the Allie and IC720 360 cameras which resulted in high conversions of phone sales for the product.

• Storyboarded, designed, and built out marketing materials for stakeholders to use during meetings with investors and prospects such as PowerPoint presentations, trade show wall graphics, fliers, business cards, and one sheets.

• Assisted in social media growth by creating supporting graphics for organic posts, email campaigns, and online content used to grow channel which led to influencer partnerships.

• Scheduled and conducted photoshoots for Allie Camera to be used on marketing materials including the packaging and user manual.

A.S. in Graphic Design
Broward College 

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